Ch. 10: Chapter 10 of “Telling the Story” analyzed writing for public relations. This chapter explained the importance of having good writing skills when entering the field of public relations, and addressed the different reasons why this outlet is different from other areas such as publicity or marketing. The main focuses of public relations writing are the message, the audience, and the media. Also, through the writer’s attitude and credibility, public relations writing can and should be used to persuade the audience. Lastly, the chapter explained how to write news releases that get attention, and discussed approaches to writing news releases.

Ch. 11: Chapter 11 of “Telling the Story” explained journalism that covers a beat. It states that beat reoporting is “the regular coverage of a topic, a governmental agency or even a geographic area”. In the 21st century, beat reporters tell their audiences not only what is happening but also how to get involved. Beat reporters should be prepared, alert, persisent, there and wary. The chapter also explained and provided guidance on how to cover specific beats such as city and government beats, education beats, police beats, court system beats, scientific beats, and sports beats.

Ch. 12: Chapter 12 of “Telling the Story” talked about writing for speeches, news conferences, and meetings. Before attending any of these events, journalists should come prepared with an understanding of the topic at hand, who is speaking, and questions to ask. When covering speeches, news conferences and meetings, journalists should have an understanding of the medium they will publish the story in, and they should get the content correct by describing the participants, being observant, arriving early, positioning themself and staying after if necessary. When structuring the story, journalists should continue to use the inverted pyramid. Lastly, there are multiple ways to structure the story depending on what type of event the information was given at.

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